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h1SKS SEO Essex Studios are a professional SEO Services UK company specialising in small business seo services but importantly affordable SEO services in Essex and the UK counties.

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a form of Online Marketing which involves the collective process in optimising a website and it's online presence to improve rankings within the natural or organic listings of all search engines.

At h1SKS SEO Essex Studios, we offer a range of SEO services and campaigns to existing and new customers so as to boost and stabilise a websites organic rankings in all search engines including current the leaders being Google, YouTube, Bing and Yahoo. Our affordable SEO services and packages are proven economical for all size companies inlcuding for Small Business SEO Services, offering online marketing opportunity for businesses at varied stages of their development. At h1SKS SEO Essex Studios, we use the latest Internet Marketing software and tools to ensure the adoption of the latest Ethical White Hat Techniques, as per search engine guidlines, to essentially increase targeted traffic to a website and in doing so increase potential sales. Gone are the days for poor quality website designs, low quality mass Link Building, Keyword stuffing and Domain name matching; h1SKS SEO Essex Studios follows proven Search Engine Optimisation Strategies to create an essential foundation for an Online Marketing Strategy.

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Advantages for choosing SEO
  • SEO Essex Advantages

    Organic searches receive 85% to 90% of visitor clicks compared to PPC

  • SEO Essex Advantages

    Consistant high traffic though top page exposure

  • SEO Essex Advantages

    Cost effectiveness through targetted marketing

  • SEO Essex Advantages

    High ROI through trackable and quantified results

  • SEO Essex Advantages

    Brand awareness and trust through credibilty holding top page exposure

  • SEO Essex Advantages

    Visabilty across all major search engines

  • SEO Essex Advantages

    Increased site usabilty for users automatically while optimising for search engines

  • SEO Essex Advantages

    Find new customers and assist natural company growth

  • SEO Essex Advantages

    Achieve better conversion rates throiugh targetted traffic

  • SEO Essex Advantages

    Open your business 24×7 through permanent search engine exposure

  • SEO Essex Advantages

    Aids social media presence


our effective seo strategy

At h1SKS SEO Essex Studios, we are constantly updating our SEO service workflows inline with newly released search engine algorithm updates, only ever using WHITE Hat techniques as outlined within Search Engine guidelines such as Google's Webmaster Guidlines. Our goal always remains the same as we look to optimise a website for search engines but never forgetting the visitors.

SEO Web Design

A user is more inclined to use the services of a website that looks crisp, clean, stylish, up to date, relevant and easy to navigate. This consideration of web design to a user is ofcourse very important but search engines must too be considered during the web design phase otherwise no one will find the website to visit and use. Firstly Search Engines are looking for design individuality so web designs that have been copied will simply result in penalties. At h1SKS SEO Essex Studios, our design strategy includes unique designs that always ensire the Logo, most important content and main navigation points are included above the webpage fold with navigation links always included in the header and footer. We then ensure Horizontal scrolling is avoided at all cost and our designs always cater all for all viewing devices types and manufacturers including desktop, mobile, Apple, Android encouraging Responsive Website Design techniques are applied to all our websites. At h1SKS SEO Essex Studios, we even consider that search engines cannot read text which is embedded as an image, so text linking using attractive fonts is always preferred and applied. Our SEO Website designers always design a website on flat site architecture only so as to be optimised so that both visitors and search engines can easily find their way around a website. Our architecture then includes keyword orientation so as to rank under several different keyword phrases.

SEO Website Development

At h1SKS SEO Essex Studios, we consider High quality W3C Compliant Website Coding to be a major factor within our SEO Strategy. We use HTML5 and CSS3 as the base coding technology in the development of all our websites for easy reading by Search Engines. Obviously if the Search Engines can’t read it, they can’t rank it. Search Engines find it extremely difficult to read the content of some technologies including FLASH; and when a client requests a Medium Business Website Design Package including content management features we only use SEO friendly Open Source Full Content Management Systems as otherwise CMS systems can have disastrous effects on rankings. It is also very important to make sure search engine spiders/crawlers/robots can browse your entire website easily so as to update their indexing so at h1SKS SEO Essex Studios, we always create XML sitemap, Urllist.txt, Robots.txt, HTML Sitemap and 301 Permanent Redirect to ensure optimal Search Engine Accessibility

Informative Website Content

The Google algorithm Panda simply states "Content is King". Our strategy at h1SKS SEO Essex studios therefore ecourages a website to contain plenty of informative unique content, and which is most certainly not duplicate. Search Engines want to provide its clients with the latest, most relevent content for their search so therefore if we want our websites to rank highly we must show search engines we have the newest and best content. It should be noted that content does not only include web page text content. At h1SKS SEO Essex Studios, we encourage further forms of content including Videos, Pictures, Infographics, animated GIFs, Ebooks, Guides, Brochures, White Papers. At h1SKS SEO Essex Studios, we also encourage the creation and use of on site blogs to easily increase content for relative subject areas within the clients website advising posting to the blog on a weekly basis. We offer integrated on site Blog build services and also specialised SEO copywriting packages for clients at additonal costings then as part of our strategy h1SKS SEO Essex Specialists will analyse and optimise all blog content accordingly. Off site blogs are also setup as part of our SEO strategy with postings made to these and to external topic related Guest Blogs on a regular basis according to SEO package. To combine a high, relative content strategy with a quality web design can prove difficult as when a user is confronted with pages of text they will most likely leave the website. At h1SKS SEO Essex Studios, we therefore use the latest web design and development techniques to hold masses of content and display in ways to still interactively engage the users keeping the interest.

SEO Keyword Phrases

Keyword Research Analysis is the basis for every SEO campaign as by understand which queries potenital clients will be using to find a service determines how we will optimise the website landing pages for maximised ROI. At h1SKS SEO Essex Studios, we perform detailed targeted keyword research using Google Keywords Planner searchning for phrases based around your business and service areas then making our recommendations according to the client budget, requested number of keywords and keyword traffic numbers. Our recommendation list includes long and short tailed keyword phrases with varied keyword competition level so as to maximise traffic and return a level of investment over the entire SEO campaign period. With Google’s increasing algorithm sophistication in the development of conceptual search, otherwise known as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), we also build our recommended keyword lists around concept ideas so as to reach further visitors. At h1SKS SEO Essex Studios, we embed the confirmed SEO keyword phrases within the the main website content and meta data fields to allow for search engines to discover what the website is about. The meta tag areas include URLs, Title (limited to 70 characters) and Description (limited to 150 characters) tags, Navigation, File/folder names, Header Tags (H1 H2 H3...), Alt tags for images, Bold and Bulletted Points, Internal and Footer Links. Note that it is no longer important to have a domain name that includes a keyword service and instead at h1SKS SEO Essex Studios we encourage the development of branding to all our clients. It is important to note here that we use restrained and sensible use of keyword phrases within these fields to avoid spamming and to keep readers interested with the content. Google guidelines recommend less than 2% of total content should be targetted keywords and also forbid hiding any keywords to increase the density. The result is that at h1SKS SEO Essex Studios we gain traffic from not only our targeted keyword list but also from multiple other related keyword phrases.

SEO Link Building

The ultimate aim for link building is to drive increased traffic to your site resulting in increased potential sales. However the Google Algorithm update for Penguin was rolled out, we follow a link building strategy whereby domain name and article content are linked from high quality directories only and if possible relevant industry related websites, blogs, online newspapers and magazines. At h1SKS SEO Essex Studios, we look to attain a brand build strategy so as to earn links which will then naturally bring the organic traffic. At h1SKS SEO Essex studios we do not buy links, trade links, use link farms, or use any any low-quality irrelevant sites. Here are a few of our favourites directories:

SEO User Reviews

Search Engines are now capable of checking user review websites then reward better rankings websites from positive reviews. At h1SKS SEO Essex studios, we adpot White Hat ethical ORM or Online Reputation Management techniques to understand and promote your business reputation over the internet. Here are a few of our favourites at h1SKS SEO Essex Studios:

Google has stated that social signals are not used within Google algorthims. However in todays online social world, Social Bookmarking, Social Media Likes, Shares and Tweets are still an essential strategy for brand awareness and to give your company that more human feel. Also, to simply ignore the wealth of potential traffic these Social channels could bring would be crazy. Saying this, at h1SKS SEO Studios we believe there is an exception to this rule... although it is not openly admitted by Google themselves. The exception, Google+ and so we therefore perform some specialised strategies here. It should be noted that not all Social circles are relavent for all business types so again as part of the h1SKS SEO Essex Studios strategy we will only choose the most appropriate additonal Social Accounts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest and Instagram. We then provide an SEO strategy involving on site linking and integration to all introdcued Social Platforms which consequently help with keyword placement, active content and speed up Google caching. At h1SKS SEO Studios, we also offer Full Social Media Marketing as a separate advanced package involving full social account management and in depth optimisation.

SEO Search Engine Submissions

For your website to appear in Search Engines, they must be submitted to Search Engines. At h1SKS SEO Essex Studios, we submit your website to a multitude of Search Engines with the main three being Google, Bing, Yahoo. At h1SKS SEO Essex studios, we not only optimise websites for the regular search engine web pages searches but also vertical searches i.e. search engines that specialise in different types of search including image search, video search, news search and blog search. We consider these search engines to be just as important as web search therefore optimising your website for these engines too by using onsite elements such as alt tags and noscript tags for images and videos respectively.



At h1SKS SEO Essex Studios, we will not hold you to an ongoing SEO Services contract however we do have optimum monthly periods for each package to achieve the guaranteed results.


Search Engine Optimisation can be split into two main workflow areas, ON page or on site elements and OFF page or off site elements. Select these areas below for details of the SEO packages we provide.

Optimisation Boost Village Town City/County UK Europe Global
Initial Website Analysis
Content Duplicacy Analysis
Back Link Analysis
Keyword Analysis
Current Ranking Report
Load Time Analysis
Competitor Analysis 1 1 2 3 5
Optimisation Boost Village Town City/County UK Europe Global
Title Tag Optimisation
Meta Descriptions Optimisation
Alt Tag / Image Optimisation
Anchor Tag Optimisation
Bold/Strong Words Analysis
Header Tags Analysis (H1 Etc)
Content Optimisation
URL Mapping
SEO Friendly URL Rewrite
Internal Linking Structure Analysis
Internal Linking Optimisation
Broken Links Analysis
Broken Links Fix
Robots.Txt Analysis
Robots.Txt Optimisation
XML Sitemap Creation For Google
HTML Sitemap Creation For User
Google Analytic Account Set Up
URLlist.Txt Sitemap Creation For Yahoo
Yahoo Webmaster Tools Creation
Google Webmaster Tools Creation
W3C Validation
Optimisation Boost Basic Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Social Bookmarking 20 30 40 60 80 100
Profile Creation
Web 2.0
Article Writing (300-600 Words) 1 1 2 3 4 6
Article Submission 4 7 14 21 28 35
Press Release Article (150-450 Words) 1 2 3 5
Press Release Submission 5 10 15 25
Theme-Base Blog Commenting 5 10 15 30 40 50
Forum Posting 10 20 40 60
Document Sharing 5 5 10 20 30 40
Link Reinforcement 10 20 30 40 50 70
Photo Sharing
Video Submission & Promotion
Google Local Listing
Wordpress Blog Set Up
Blogspot Blog Set Up
Weekly Blog Post
Local Business Listing 3 5 10 15 20 25
Classified Ads Submission 3 5 10 15 20 30
Search Engine Submission 3 5 10 15 20 30
Optimisation Boost Village Town City/County UK Europe Global
Google Plus Business Page Setup
Google Plus Business Page Update
Author Markup Verification Googl+
Facebook Page Setup
Twitter Page Setup
Custom Facebook/Twitter Background
Optimisation Boost Village Town City/County UK Europe Global
Voice Call
Optimisation Boost Village Town City/County UK Europe Global
Ranking Report
Traffic Analysis


Our SEO Services Guarantee

At h1SKS SEO Essex Studios, we offer a guaranteed top page position result for your requested keyword phrases during your SEO package campaign time period.

  • SEO Essex Guarantee

    GUARANTEED top page search engine positioning

  • SEO Essex Guarantee

    GUARANTEED increased targeted traffic to your website

  • SEO Essex Guarantee

    GUARANTEED increased related targeted traffic to your website

  • SEO Essex Guarantee

    GUARANTEED improved search engine ranking

  • SEO Essex Guarantee

    GUARANTEED brand recognition

  • SEO Essex Guarantee

    GUARANTEED use of White Hat techniques only

  • SEO Essex Guarantee

    GUARANTEED increased site indexing in search engines

Guarantee Conditions

  • SEO Essex Conditions

    After the optimal monthly time period for the chosen SEO package.

  • SEO Essex Conditions

    All payments are made within 5 working days of the 1st of each month.

  • SEO Essex Conditions

    No other SEO workflows are processed by the client during the same period.

  • SEO Essex Conditions

    All requests and recommendations are completed.

  • SEO Essex Conditions

    Website remains online for the whole contract period.

  • SEO Essex Conditions

    No alterations are made by the client to their website without consent from h1SKS SEO Essex Studios.

  • SEO Essex Conditions

    No alterations are made by the client to the work completed by h1SKS SEO Essex Studios.

  • SEO Essex Conditions

    Access to all website files are provided to h1SKS SEO Essex Studios.

  • SEO Essex Conditions

    New search algortihm releases resets optimal time periods.


Our SEO workflow

  • SEO Workflow
    Phase 1: Discover

    During our initial meeting our Epping based SEO specialists will take you through a short questionnaire to discover your SEO requirements for Internet marketing and promotion.

  • SEO Workflow
    Phase 2: Analysis

    Our h1SKS SEO Essex Studios analysts will provide an SEO Health Check Analysis on your website covering all aspects of SEO workflows detailing areas for improvement.

  • SEO Workflow
    Phase 3: Research

    Our h1SKS SEO Essex Studios analysts will then research and advise recommended keyword phrases associated with your service and area. At this point the Setup fee will be taken.

  • SEO Workflow
    Phase 4: Strategy

    Our h1SKS SEO Essex Studios analysts will advise and action the best SEO Package for your Internet Marketing Campaign according to local or global focus, preferred keywords, client budget, requested number of keywords, keyword competition and traffic analysis.

  • SEO Workflow
    Phase 5: Report

    Our h1SKS SEO Essex Studios analysts will provide monthly reports showing completed work, traffic statistics from Google Analytics and SERP or Search Engine Results Page with current keyword positioning. Ongoing monthly payments are requested on the 1st day of each consecutive month using SERPs

  • SEO Workflow
    Phase 6: Guarantee

    If top page is not reached after the contract period, SEO workflows will be processed at no further charge until either top page is gained or 3 months time period is elapsed. During this period only ranking reports and not full reporting will be provided to the client.

Free SEO Health Analysis

Let's get started! Simply fill in the form below to receive your FREE SEO Health Analysis Report. Our report will provide detailed SEO analysis for your current website providing strategy information and recommendations for key areas of improvements according to the latest Google algorithms.

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SEO Essex Pricing


£79 setup
£149 per month

  • Keywords

    <= 5
  • Guarantee

  • G-Time

    3 mths
  • Reporting

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£129 setup
£249 per month

  • Keywords

    <= 10
  • Guarantee

  • G-Time

    4 mths
  • Reporting

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£149 setup
£299 per month

  • Keywords

    <= 20
  • Guarantee

  • G-Time

    6 mths
  • Reporting

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£199 setup
£399 per month

  • Keywords

    <= 40
  • Guarantee

  • G-Time

    8 mths
  • Reporting

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£249 setup
£499 per month

  • Keywords

    <= 50
  • Guarantee

  • G-Time

    12 mths
  • Reporting

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£299 setup
£699 per month

  • Keywords

    <= 70
  • Guarantee

  • G-Time

    18 mths
  • Reporting

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