There are a lot of old and new ways for business marketers and advertisers to hike up the click-through rates of their campaigns through Paid Search. Pay Per Click advertising can bring in massive traffic instantly. It has a simple logic: Spend more to get top position so that potential customers can see you first. If someone is searching for the keyword on which you are bidding and you also are running a well-written advertisement, then you will start getting clicks the minute the ad is activated. This is why PPC advertising is rapid with a few systems, like Google Adwords, you can drive targeted web traffic within some minutes of opening an account.

Based on the maturity of your AdWords account, you have likely fixated on your efforts on enhancing certain KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Refining all metrics is the perfect situation, but a winning marketer will put their efforts and testing on a few only. Once those are in a beneficial stage, they can then go to the next. When just starting out, you may concentrate on cost, cost-per-lead, and numbers. Later, there will come a time when you have amplified the volume you are receiving on your best terms. At this point, you must be thinking that the conversion rate and cost-per-click are doing great, so how can you increase click-through rate (CTR) to capture more impressions.

10 Best Ways To Grow Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign’s CTR

Make use of “www” in the domain name

The domain name is found at the end of each paid search ad. You can either use the long form with a “www” in prefix (for instance, “www.h1skswebstudios.com”) or a short form that skips the preceding “www” (“h1skswebstudios.com”). The longer version was created to boost click-through rate.

Offer something for free

Including the word like “free,” even today can make wonders happen. Ads with this word perform better than ads without it.

Exclude exclamation points

Another thing that many advertisers do is they include exclamation points in their ad copy

For example:

Facilitate this! Dedicated and developing event facilitation and skills training

Ads with exclamation points were found to perform poorer than ads without them.

Do not misuse call-to-action phrase

While writing new ads, it’s habitually a good idea to test a call-to-action, such as “Get Started now,” “Buy now” or “Join us now.” However, Google refuses on a few terms, so this approach isn’t that effective as it was some years back. Ads having the word “now” in them actually performed poorly compared to all other ads.

Here is a short list of some common call-to-action phrases to try testing in your ads:

  • Ask for a quote
  • Learn more today
  • Read this
  • Order today for quick delivery
  • Shop and save
  • Get tips
  • Request info
  • Say no to numbers

A lot of paid search ads have at least one number.

For example:

50th Anniversary celebration ideas

A free service to help you find amazing ways to celebrate 50th Birthday anniversary.

Or “buy” ads, like:

Save 30% on Casual Dresses & Pursues, Accessories, Belts Same Day Ship on Items in Stock

This is a broadly suggested practice. However, data recommends that it doesn’t work for most advertisers. Ads with no numbers do better than those with them.

Save space with ampersands

Usually, space is less in paid search ads, so anytime you can save a character or two, that’s acceptable. The ampersand (&) not only works well in such scenario, but it also increases the average advertiser’s click-through rate.

Make use all the space you are allotted

All the time you might not require a lot of space to convey your message.

Take a look at this brief ad:


Buy a Car

Give wings to your drive


Other advertisers try to be attractive with their ads:

Mobile phones 


Is that a dream?


Do not use this approach, and use maximum space available in your ad. Normally, longer ads have higher click-through rate.

Have an “official” site

While Google has silently removed most affiliates from its advertising list; some advertisers are, even though making use of “official site” in their ad copy.

Take a look at these instances

Shop For iPhone Martin Official Site. Free Shipping on orders $36 & more or pick up in store

William & Co. (Official) Shop the Official Willaim & Co. site for exclusive William collections.

Making use of it seems to make a huge difference. Generally, “official” ads have a higher click-through rate.

Add in trademark symbols

Trademark symbols (©, ™, ®) are required just for legal reasons, but they can significantly increase your paid search results. These remarkable characters improve click-through rates.

Don’t include the cost

Numerous search marketers include the price in their ad copy with an assumption that by doing so, they will steer clear of needless clicks from those who are searching for either a lower or higher price offers. While this does work and can save you bucks, it will also reduce your click-through rate, guaranteeing you avail hit with a quality score penalty.