4 Inevitable SEO Hacks for Improved Mobile Marketing

4 Inevitable SEO Hacks for Improved Mobile Marketing

Everyone must be aware of the fact that with more than 50% of all Google searches performed from mobile phones, it’s inevitable for website owners to make sure that their websites are optimized for mobile or in other words websites are mobile-friendly. This is why it is very important for the web designing companies, to make their websites mobile-friendly on the mobile platform by creating a responsive web design.

A few SEO practices for optimizing your site for the best user experience

  1. Enhance The Speed Of Your Page

We all have experienced the frustrated situation when a page takes a lot of time to load and we are very well aware that this would deteriorate the rank of the site. And all this is because of slow loading which harms the complete site. Apart from the content keywords and another factor the page speed plays a major role in getting a good rank in search engines. So the reason the majority of the pages get abandoned open in the time interval of 6-10 seconds and in the mobile platform the user stays for a limited amount of time according to the research.

To know about your existing page speed, we advise you to try Google’s free tool that offers Page Speed Insights. This tool tests rapidly and checks how quick your sites work on the browser of your mobile as well as desktop and generate instructions to fix them. 

  1. Systemize Your Local Search Existence

Google knows about the searcher’s physical location when any kind of search is performed, whether your business offers that product/services or not. The searcher would find out your business NAP data (name, address, telephone) across other local registries in close proximity, so that the clients can swiftly find specific contact data. This will build up neighbourhood rankings for searches associated with your business, administrations or solutions. One such device is MOZ Local that allows clients to hold up reliable NAP data across several neighbourhood indexes.

  1. Do Not Block Images, CSS, or JavaScript

To block these documents was a standard practice, as the lion’s share of the pros of cellular telephones did not reinforce these components. But nowadays smartphones capacities can load CSS (templates), JavaScript (generally utilized for smart impacts) pictures, whom Google very well knows how to approach.

  1. Evaluate & Test

Let the data do the interactivity, and open and surf the website’s analytics to know how mobile users are interacting with your site, whether it is a positive review or something else. Analyze and augment the favorable points that foster your site and then check your mobile visitors for the appropriate page and find out the maximum bounce rate and ask these questions to yourself like:

  • Is the vital information effortless to find?
  • Is the company contact number & “click-to-call”?
  • Are the images resized perfectly to fit your screen?
  • Are the forms short and uncomplicated to complete?

Check if your website is responsive on your and your known ones diverse mobile handhelds. Make use of free mobile tools like Responsinator.com to find out how your site loads on different mobile phones.

Wrapping Up

By implementing these four mobile marketing hacks you can improve customer experience and make your website search engine friendly. Gain extra ability to provide an amazing mobile experience that convinces your user to leave an inquiry or sale on your website.