5 Ways to Turn Your Social Media Traffic into Effective Leads

Converting social media traffic into paying customer is easier said than done because the traffic includes everyone – people willing and people not willing to know what you have to offer. If you want to convert social media traffic into profitable clients, then that can only be done with the correct campaign. You must not only improve the way you interact with social media traffic, but you also must make sure that you bring in the right traffic at the very first place.

Let's check out what should be done to gain paying leads from Social Media Traffic.

Create the right landing page

To get followers/fans quickly and turn them into lucrative leads, you should divert your traffic to an appropriate landing page. One of the biggest blunders usually made by entrepreneurs and individuals is that they send their traffic straight to the home page of their website. This is truly a no-no because they should actually be sent to a landing page of their interest. If in case you are promoting something, the landing page should provide the visitors two alternatives. They should have the choice to either leave the website or make a purchase of their needed product. Remember not to give them any other options.


Start testing your landing pages and see what results you can achieve.

Make use of paid advertising options

If you are solely depending upon the organic traffic to get paying clients, you will have a very low conversion rate. The reason for this is the time organic reach takes and if you expect quick results you will get it extremely low. Whether you like it not, social media is a platform known as pay and play. Paid advertising options are wide-ranging and by spending in them you are not only driving in more traffic you are driving in more of targeted traffic. It's been proven to be exceedingly effective and there's no doubt that businesses can make more ROI with more targeted advertising.



The Facebook Power Editor is one of the best platforms for carrying out paid advertising.

Plan long-term strategy

Did you know that the clients are more interested in building a relationship with the company they are dealing with, rather than just purchasing anything and bidding bye? You have to consider long-term if you are planning to generate paying clients. The truth is that a lot of people quit on leads before they have reached maturity. And social media traffic is not exceptional. It can take 10+ brand mentions before somebody ultimately decides whether or not they would buy something.


You must not expect people to buy something immediately and keep nurturing them with email marketing.

Make your social media traffic come back again and again

It’s a known fact that social media is something that doesn't have a high conversion rate just because the majority of the people are simply surfing. There are chances that someone might not see your ad or post when you do it for the first time. However, they may see it many times before they actually decide to hit on it.

You may also come across people by looking at your feeds decide clicking through to your website. However, if you make efforts to make them frequently revisit for more using quality content you will elevate the chances for them to buy something.


Keep striking the same audience repeatedly in order to stand out of the crowd and capture their attention.

Do not ignore testing

In the realm of social media, testing plays a major role to get the determined results. If you think that your inputs will give you the right results at the first time, you need to rethink.

Competent social media marketing is about continuous testing, even when you are achieving amazing results. Extensive A/B testing can give outstanding returns, and keep your business as a leading business in the industry.


Split testing should be incorporated in your regular to-do tasks.

In a nutshell

Converting social media traffic into rewarding clients can help you business grow in terms of revenue and reputation exponentially. Also, it's simpler than you assume to carry out this. As long as you are touching the right audience and fulfilling their needs there's no reason why you can't drive this traffic to your website, and then convert them into a profitable client.

It just needs time and endeavor to both discover and manage. What are the most effective approaches for turning social media traffic into rewarding leads?

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