7 Vital Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook is constantly taking over the popularity contest as a business tool and as a major factor of nearly all content marketing strategies. Although, due to its permanence, you might find yourself striving to continually rise with new content and bright ideas for your company or brand’s Facebook page.

While it’s enticing to just write up some content, come across an image, and post it, making use of Facebook with some strong strategy will multiply your chances of actually engaging in important conversations with your customers and audience.

Here are some Facebook marketing tips that will support you enhance engagement with your Facebook marketing efforts at the same time no poking is needed.

  1. Timing matters

Yes, it is the fact that your audience, your content, and by and large goal is important, but at the same time, the timing of your Facebook post is more important to consider. Identify your audience, and keep in mind the personas you intend to reach. For instance, if your targeted customer is a busy homemaker, the right time to reach her would probably be different from that of a single spinster or unmarried.

Whereas a great way to understand what times work best is by using a good, traditional trial and error approach such as checking time guide offered by Adweek. Basically, the best days to post on Facebook are Thursday and Friday, as it is been noticed that the engagement rates diminish by 3.5% below average from Monday to Wednesday. On the other hand, 1 PM is the best time to post if you wish to increase shares and 3 PM is the best time to post if you want to improve clicks.

  1. Add social media images

You might have perhaps heard it again and again, but the pluses of adding images to your Facebook posts cannot be accentuated enough. According to Angie Pascale of Clickz, “Photos receive 53% of more likes on Facebook than the normal post and 84% of more link clicks.”

A few ideas to incorporate: Concentrate more on faces

  • Lifestyle images are more used instead of product images
  • Be to the point
  • Share images of real people
  • Encourage short responses
  • Form image galleries
  • Use reminiscence to your advantage
  1. Start Facebook contests

People always love free stuff. They definitely will engage with branded Facebook pages which they might have ignored or been unaware of, just to win something. The pleasure of potentially getting something for free is a big incentive, and would most likely have a little actual expense for your business when compared with the social media and brand responsiveness expenditure.

According to Wishpond, “The key reasons why people “Like” a brand on Facebook are

  • Discounts/ promotions (34% of respondents)
  • Free good deals (21% of respondents)

Wishpond offers some real returns on investments that can be seen by of Facebook contests for their brand as the following:

  • Augment fan base (through tactics such as like-gating)
  • Boost in traffic (A brand named candle brand saw 30,000 new fans in just 6 weeks thanks to contest)
  • Make user-generated content
  • Get target market opinions by asking your target market for their views via voting contests
  • Increase shares and virality
  • Kindle conversations
  • Develop your email list by collecting participants' emails during an ongoing contest
  1. Crowdsource answers

As already said one of the biggest advantages of hosting a Facebook contest is crowdsourcing your audience and customer feedback is the best way of boosting Facebook engagement.

Crowdsourcing works as a kind of social listening, which we know is an essential element of any social media strategy. Everybody’s preferred subject of conversation is, for sure, themselves, so in turning to your Facebook fans to get their point of views or ideas on something is a guaranteed way to witness increases in engagement.

Ask an easy question to your followers and fans, or make use of polls to get them to vote on various questions, and you have a simple way of seeing precisely what your audience, and your customer, wishes. Post Planner has some great suggestions for acquiring crowdsourced content that will support you painlessly get the most of your audience like:

  • Gather testimonials through questions
  • Yield your post comments
  • Request fans to send photos using your product
  • Carry out a photo contest to collect images
  • Run a contest
  1. Boost your posts

While some follow this practice of improving your company’s Facebook post is yet a useful way of enhancing your reach and engagement possibility. Once you have recognized your target audience, you can sharpen even more on those you want to reach through a better post. If you need a little bit of explanation regarding what a boosted post actually means, check out guide to how to boost Facebook posts which in depth, explains how a boosted post  from a business Page can show higher up on your audience’s News Feeds.

There is a nominal fee that depends on how many people you want the post to reach. And the payment is based on the number of impressions the post gains within a stipulated time.

Guidelines for knowing whether to boost your post or not:

  • It aids in promoting a product or service offered by your business
  • It drives visits to your business’s website
  • It spreads knowledge of a short time campaign your business is operating
  1. Look for audiences' insights

This tip goes conjoining with crowdsourcing replies, and for good reason. The activities, comments, posts, and any other kind of engagement you stumble upon on your brand’s Facebook page, provide valuable data for you to think about. You can see what sort of content your audience reacts to, what type of content they pay no attention to, and so what content you should focus on and put your efforts into.

Moreover, you are able to narrow in on precisely who your target audience is, and focus on this demographic. Facebook makes this actually simple for you through their own “Audience Insights,” where you are able to know specifically what your audience engages with.

According to Social Media Examiner, with this “data-driven understanding, you will know whether to post more photos, if that contest truly worked, and the right genres of topics to post about.”

  1. Present unique and useful content

This may sound easy to do, but the companies and brands that make use of reproduced or old content miss a lot of opportunities on Facebook. By now you have possibly found who your audience and customers are, so cautiously consider what content would be most valuable for them. Will a suburban professional man care about “4 tips to buying best hosiery?” Of course, your rational thinking will always support you with questions, so take an extra moment to stop and think about your audience this will help you go a long way.

Wrapping Up

Keep in mind your brand or product is exclusive! Whether there are direct competitors or not, there are factors that your product or services have which nobody else can claim to have, so make the most out of these features and draw attention to them accordingly via your Facebook strategy.

If you have good expertise in your field, offer it to your customers and audience through your organization’s Facebook page. The potential is never-ending, so make time to plan how your brand outshines in the marketplace.

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