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Do you need website support and maintenance?

Website maintenance is essential for an online presence. Having a non functioning website with an old design and old information is as detrimental to a business as having no website at all. When changes occur within your business, they should always be reflected on your website, as visitors often research a company's website before taking...
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SEO March 2015 market analysis summary

March 2015 has seen Google send notification emails from Webmaster regarding site mobility. Any site that isn’t optimised for mobile browsing will be punished accordingly. Otherwise we have been seeing fluctuations within rankings over the month as we suspect Google has released an unnamed update with multiple SERP-trackers and many webmasters reporting major flux in Google SERPs....

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SEO February 2015 market analysis summary

February 2015 has seen Google recently present a paper that suggests they are working on a system rating websites trustworthiness based on accuracy of information. Also this month we have seen Google continue to experiment with new ranking factors placing website speed and new mobile-friendliness to the very top of ranking factors to be considered in SEO....

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SEO December 2014 Market Analysis Summary

unnamed (7)The last month of 2014 was a relatively calm period compared to the two months before it although still a period of continued unusual activity. We have seen mobile related algorithm updates highlighting mobile friendly factors for search but most important we have...

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Accept nothing but Quality Website Coding Development

h1SKS consider High quality W3C Compliant Website Coding to be a major factor within our SEO Strategy. We use HTML5 and CSS3 as the base coding technology in the development of all our websites for easy reading by Search Engines. Obviously if the Search Engines can’t read it, they can’t rank it. Search Engines find...
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Always ensure SEO Website Design and Architecture

A user is more inclined to use the services of a website that looks crisp, clean, stylish, up to date, relevant and easy to navigate. This consideration of web design to a user is of-course very important but search engines must too be considered during the web design phase otherwise no one will find the...
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Do i need SEO Web Design?

Creating an aesthetically appealing and easy to use bespoke website design is important, but then what good is this for start-ups or a small business website design if no one ever finds the website to then visit? User experience, website design quality and digital internet marketing are now an integral service which is why our...
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Essential Mobile friendly website design

Internet browsing from mobile devices including smartphones and tablets has officially overtaken the traditional desktop. Bespoke website design should also consider that Apple's dominance in market share for e-mobile devices is over 50%. To not cater for these factors within a bespoke website design strategy would mean a loss of customer base from the onset...
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Performance website development is a must

Without question a bespoke website design must be visually stimulating to capture a viewers attention. It must then provide user friendly navigation for simple browsing and interactivity to continue to maintain the viewers attention. One aspect overlooked by many website designers is website load speed which is evermore important at a time when the world...
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11 important reasons to choose our SEO services.

  1. Organic searches receive 85% to 90% of visitor clicks compared to PPC
  2. Consistent high traffic though top page exposure
  3. Cost effectiveness through targeted marketing
  4. High ROI through trackable and quantified results
  5. Brand awareness and trust through credibility holding top page exposure
  6. Visibility across all major search engines
  7. Increased site usability for users automatically while optimising for search engines
  8. Find new customers and...
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