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How much do design and marketing agencies cost?

At h1SKS Web Studios we believe our honesty and integrity is what has launched our Company to be a leading Web Solutions Provider in Essex. We have always followed transparency within our pricing structures where possible, stating in Black and White what costs could be involved for your upcoming project helping you to budget accordingly. We...
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Responsive Web Design in 2014

A mobile friendly bespoke website design is essential but as more people are choosing mobile devices as their sole browsing device we must consider a website design that is optimally designed for each and every viewing device. The share of internet usage on mobile devices, which includes smartphones and tablets, is growing exponentially every year. In 2011 mobile browsing took a share of approximately 11% of internet usage, 2013 saw this increase to 25% and this year, with the activation of more mobile devices than births, mobile browsing will actually take over traditional desktop browsing.

Google of-course has recognised this important trend in internet usage releasing an algorithm update in 2013 calledGoogle Hummingbird which introduced the importance of mobile devices to search to which it promotes this type of website accordingly. Then again in April 2015 Google enforced this change further with a mobility algorithm update penalising websites not optimised for mobile searches. Check your site now with the Google Mobility Checker.

Unless you do not want to lose potential clients, then you must consider a website that is not only viewable on desktop and mobile devices but optimised for each device to give a better user experience. The responsive website design technology allows for a website to automatically respond to the device it is being viewed upon, seamlessly serving all desktops, tablets and smartphones. Not only does this cost efficient method mean there is no need to build separate websites for each device or a necessity to build a separate app, but it will mean your visitors will enjoy their experience on your site and ultimately more likely become a loyal customer!

As a professional website design company in essex, our web experts recommend website development using the latest responsive website design technology for a both fluid-width and adaptive website that caters for any possible screen resolution. This means that our responsive websites seamlessly serve different viewing devices automatically whether smartphone, tablet or desktop. A responsive design is an affordable cost efficient method in that there is then no need to build a separate website for each mobile device or an application.

h1SKS strongly recommends this technique to all our clients looking for an online presence and as an essential part of an online marketing strategy. Responsive website design technique can be added to any of our Website Design packages at an additional cost. Contact us now for more information on our Responsive Website Design Essex add-on.

What should you expect from our Logo Design Service in Essex?

Phase 1: Discover During our initial meeting our h1SKS Logo Design Essex Studios designers will take you through a short questionnaire to discover your website needs. Logo Design Essex Workflow Phase 2: Design Our h1SKS Logo Design Essex Studios designers will then take the time to carefully plan the initial Logo design concepts according to your needs. At this...
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Specialist Image Colour Correction Services to your rescue!

Colour is paramount and adjustment is crucial for realistic imagery. Images are often the key of any project, colour catches the eye and content holds the interest. If the images aren't right nothing is. At h1SKS Graphic Design Essex Studios we know that understanding colour comes with years of experience and knowing that...
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Need you current website re designed?

Bespoke Website Design technology is advancing at a rapid pace more so now than ever, with new website design styles and development techniques introduced each and every year. This is great for technology but not necessarily great for individuals and small business websites looking to keep their brand looking fresh and active on the internet....
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Image Colour Format Mode

An image can be converted to various 'Modes' each one having it's own purpose. CMYK – this mode is for conventional printing whereby the image is converted to the four process colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to coincide with the print procedure. Colour intensity is lost due to the limitations of vibrant colours being...
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The magic of Image Retouching in Graphics Design

This the polishing process and making up for the camera that never lies. At h1SKS Graphic Design Essex Studios this process goes hand in hand with image manipulation if required. Hair colour can be changed, eyes, skin, clothes – anything. Maybe you don't like your feet... we'll give you knew ones! Forget anti-wrinkle cream, at...
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What should you expect from our web development project?

Phase 1: Analysis During our initial meeting our web design consultants in Essex will take you through a short questionnaire to discover your website purpose, goals and target audience. Phase 2: Plan Our Web designers in essex will then take the time to carefully plan the Website defining a sitemap, site structure and technology used. Phase 3: Design At this...
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What to expect from your SEO company?

Phase 1: Discover During our initial meeting our Epping based SEO consultants will take you through a short questionnaire to discover your SEO requirements for Internet marketing and promotion. Phase 2: Analysis Our SEO analysts will provide an SEO Health Check Analysis on your website covering all aspects of SEO workflows detailing areas for improvement. Phase 3: Research Our SEO...
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Ideas on Social Media Integration and Linking

Google has stated that social signals are not used within Google algorithms, which makes sense as they are separate companies so do not have detailed analysis for the social account data. There is an exception to this rule... although it is not openly admitted by Google themselves. The exception being Google+ and so our SEO...
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Looking for a first website design?

Your website will be the centre core for all your online activities with any future marketing techniques driving traffic to your website. Unless your website is of high quality you will not be able to convert this traffic into customers. A average visitor will decide within 7 seconds whether they want to stay and browse...
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What is Image Montaging within Graphics Design?

This the specialised part – or at h1SKS Graphic Design Essex Studios we call it the fun stuff! Any number of images can be manipulated and montaged together seamlessly to create the shot you require with a photo shoot! It can be anything from swapping heads of the one who always closes their eyes at...
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