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What Is the Difference – Magento Vs BigCommerce Vs WooCommerce

In this eCommerce age, the majority of the stores are now going online. Apparently, since the eCommerce market is flourishing, its tools are in great traction. Whether you are an established online retailer or dropping your toe into the deep-sea of eCommerce for the first time, the overabundance of online shopping cart options can be...
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Attention: 9 Factors Influencing Your App Store Ranking

With 1000+ apps being launched each day due to which the app developers are facing a lot of difficulties in properly ranking their apps on the App Store or Google Play. App Store search is the fundamental source of installs for nearly all apps out there. Although app marketers always talk about social media and creative...
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Boost Your Sales With These 5 Mobile Optimization Tips

Do you know the most familiar marketing trend of the year 2016 and beyond? Here are the 5 things you must know about mobile optimization now and for the coming years.

Responsive Design

It has been repeatedly said for a few years now, that having a mobile-friendly website is a necessity in 2016. One of the most prevalent ways of...
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How To Get More Phone Leads With PPC & CRO

The latest stats say that 70% of all mobile searchers will give a call to the business directly from the search results? There is an apparent value discrepancy with all kind of lead types available, whether its phone leads or form leads or chat leads or bought leads, etc. Are you one among the various painstaking, lead generating marketers who would...
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Why Your Social Media Strategy Fails & How You Can Fix Them

Is your social media strategy not as successful as you projected? Probably you haven’t planned the whole thing well. Just having a presence on diverse social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ doesn’t assure that your company will earn fresh leads and new clients. According to the latest studies by Manta...

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10 Silly Mistakes Unprofessional Web Designers Make

Anybody under the sun can develop a website. There isn’t any definite rule that you should be a web designer to create a site. If truth be told, there are myriads of sites online, and hundreds developed every day, not all of them are prepared by web designers. However, not all websites created are well...
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10 Reasons Why Your SEO Campaign Fails

Search engine optimization is an inevitable strategy most of us want to reign over. Basically, we are aware of the fact that practically one and all make use of Google and other search engines to find what they require, so having your business website rank very well in organic search results is a...

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7 Silly SEO Mistakes Even SEO Pros Make

There are many facets of SEO; there’s a qualitative face of SEO — the quality of your content and the potency of your link profile decide how your domain ranks in search engines, but this is a bit biased process.

In contrast, there’s a quantitative face of SEO — a set of...

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