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Digital strategy is an integral part of any business now. The reason is simple; no business can ignore the online marketing avenue any longer. Thus, digital strategy must be laid simultaneously with any other business marketing strategy.

For a successful web presence, the online marketing strategy must cover every aspect of digital footprint where budget allows. h1SKS offers holistic digital strategy consulting which encompasses everything. We offer consultation on all aspects of digital presence and even provide a free initial analysis proposal.

If you want a consultant who will treat your business as his own responsibility, h1SKS is who you need.

Our locally based online marketing team are serious about Digital Strategy Consulting Essex!


Goals and Objective

Identify your short-term and long-term goals, your targets, your vision for your organisation. Tell us more about your online marketing objectives, help us create the perfect strategy and maximum ROI for you.

Identify Your Customers

Where are your customer based, what is the age group you want to target, what's their browsing habit, how do they spend online; know your customers better than themselves.

Identify Your Competitors

Which other companies/ agencies offering same/similar services and/or products? Is your USP strong enough to beat the best of your competitors? Our in-depth analysis will tell you all.

Assign Rules

Use custom rules in Google Analytics to get better data and analysis for your website. Track detailed customer visit path or his interaction with different pages to judge what works the best for you.

Search Engine Marketing

Leverage the advantages of holistic SEO to take your product to millions of potentials customers out there. Exploit SEO, SMO, video marketing, Paid campaign, email marketing to increase your revenue beyond expectation.

Content Marketing

Create great content and attract millions of viewers. We will create the content and help you make it popular, via social media, content syndication, content remarketing and Google search result page.

Social Media Marketing

Tame the mighty Facebook (& Twitter) and take your products to a user-base of over 1 billion people. Ride on the Facebook craze to take your products and services to every social media user, non-intrusively.

Email Marketing

Present bespoke offers and directly reach your potential client in his email inbox. Dodge the spam filter, catch the attention with innovative subject lines and convert them instantly. We will do all these for you.

Measuring Results

No number crunching for you. Easy to understand data, results and instantly actionable insights, delivered every week to your inbox. Need details info? We will send that too.


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