Do you need website support and maintenance?

Website maintenance is essential for an online presence. Having a non functioning website with an old design and old information is as detrimental to a business as having no website at all. When changes occur within your business, they should always be reflected on your website, as visitors often research a company's website before taking any action. Search Engines will only rank you highly with a fully operational website with newly released material and users will only be engaged with a freshly designed operational website together with fresh content. E-Commerce and Content Management Websites if not maintained and updated with latest core and plugin patches can expose security threats from hackers and spamming with potential losses being the loss of a website with all its data. Website backups are also very important and often neglected. Then in the rare cases they are taken they are usually stored on your own servers stored at your same office location. If the server dies or an accident in your office your backups are lost. However without a costly dedicated website support team to provide this website maintenance and updating service it can be extremely difficult to allocate time and resources to complete your website updates when there are many other areas within your business that require your attention. h1SKS Web Support Essex Studios provides an array of easy, cost effective website maintenance packages to suit any company or website size to ongoing and new clients.

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