WEB DESIGN: Where should i buy stock images from for my website?

h1SKS recommend using Deposit Photos to purchase your images. Either you can purchase individual images directly here or we can purchase a discounted package of 15 images on your behalf.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Do you provide printing?

We are not a printing company however for convenience we can provide printing services for your convenience. Give us a quick call and we can provide latest pricing from our preferred print company. Please be advised we do not use cheap print services but premium. If you require cheap printing then we recommend taking the completed h1SKS design works to one of the online print companies you see advertised on the TV.

EMAIL: How do i set up my FREE email on an iPhone and iPad?

Unfortunately we do not offer support with 3rd party software and hardware however we will of course try to help where we can! We recommend you follow Apples user guide which can be found online. Please ensure you are using the latest version software. Also, make sure to enter all fields including those which say “optional”.

EMAIL: How do i add my FREE email to Apple Mail?

Unfortunately we do not offer support with 3rd party software however we will of course try to help where we can! We recommend you start by checking Apples online procedures. Please ensure you are using the latest version software. More Apple Mail help topics can be found online.

EMAIL: How can i access my FREE email online?

We offer a full online web based email service to which you can access with your username and password. Your username and password will be provided by email then simply go to http://yourdomainname.com/webmail

EMAIL: Adding your FREE POP, IMAP email account to Outlook using our server settings

Unfortunately we do not offer support with 3rd party software however we will of course try to help where we can! We recommend checking out and following Microsoft’s user guide to their software by clicking here. Please ensure you are using the latest version software.

EMAIL: What are my FREE related email server settings?

Please find our Server settings for Non SSL as below:

  • Username: Your Email Address
  • Password: You will be supplied by email
  • Incoming Server:
    • Hostname: mail.”yourdomainname.co.uk”
    • IMAP Port:143
    • POP3 Port:110
  • Outgoing Server:
    • Hostname: mail.”yourdomainname.co.uk”
    • SMTP Port:25


  • “youdomainname.co.uk” is your website URL address.
  • Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.
  • IMAP email access coordinates between the server and your mail application. Messages that you have read, deleted, or replied to will show up as such, both on the server and in the mail application.
  • POP3 does not coordinate with the server. Messages that the mail application marks as read, deleted, or replied to will not show up as such on the server. This means that future mail downloads with POP3 will show all messages as unread.
  • The system uses SMTP to send outgoing mail.
SEO: When will i start to see better rankings from SEO?

You can usually expect to see your site increase within the first month or two. Accordingly to your plan we have optimum time periods but we will always try to get you there as quickly as is feasible. Be sure to plan well as you may need to hire more staff to handle all the extra business we bring!

SEO: What techniques do you use for SEO?

Our hat is the brightest of whites. We only use safe and affective linking strategies within Search Engine Guidelines. Please be careful if companies tell you they will get you to top page tomorrow. YES it can be done but it will be a time short lived as they will have used Black hat techniques to which Google will surely penalise. Undoing bad SEO will take a lot of time and money to resolve.

SEO: Who will be doing the work?

Most “local” companies outsource the majority of their work… we have had many clients come to us with websites to which their original owner could not complete any updates; upon further investigation we could see in their coding which outsourcing companies had left their stamp. Our teams are based in the local Epping and Loughton areas!

SEO: How can you offer SEO guarantees?

Well… It is a combination of secret sauce, a very experienced team, and a genuine passion for all things internet. We are great at what we do and we know what it takes for a company to gain top page within search engines based on their required keyword competition and targeted service area. We haven’t had to give any money back yet!

SEO: How can i expect to communicate with you?

h1SKS include all forms of communications within our packages including email, phone and video calls. During a website design project we will keep you updated each and every Monday with information to which stage of development we are at. If there is something we need whether for design or marketing work we will chase you once a week by email unless it is urgent then your phone will be continually ringing 🙂 we try not to nag. Then each month we supply monthly traffic and marketing reporting where we invite you to go through the details over video call.

SEO: What is your experience of SEO within my area?

h1SKS have created SEO packages based on a guidance for service area targeting i.e. Local Village, Town, County, UK etc and which are aimed to bring increased traffic in the least time possible but making sure we are always abiding by Googles rules so as not to receive any penalties. Depending on which area you wish to target we have a package designed just for you.

SEO: How do you measure your success within SEO?

Our SEO campaigns are aimed to help you reach top page in the organic section of search engines for service and service related keyword phrases which will naturally increase targeted traffic to your website and ultimately bring increase business sales.

SEO: What kind of results do you expect to see from SEO digital marketing and in what time frame?

SEO does not happen over night and will take time to brand your business across the internet. We must show Google that you are growing at a normal pace; if Google finds you were no where yesterday but everywhere tomorrow then they will surely be wary of SPAMMING from your brand. Each of our SEO pages has a guide for optimum running period by which we guarantee top page results within this time frame only.

SEO: Do you offer any online marketing services or advice to complement your organic search business?

h1SKS offer a full array of digital marketing avenues including SEO, PPC, SEM etc If we can ask a few further questions with our short questionnaire we will respond with an initial website health analysis then full Online Marketing Strategy recommendation proposal tailored for you. The information you supply will ensure that the marketing strategy we create will be a true requirement to your Company needs.

SEO: Do you follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines?

Of course! Google is the main player within the search engine wars so we are continually carefully following their algorithm changes and updates then amending our workflows accordingly.

SEO: Can you show me examples of your previous SEO work and share some success stories?

h1SKS are currently ranking top page in Google for the very competitive keyword phrase “SEO Essex” and its related keyword phrases, meaning we are within the top 10 SEO companies in Essex offering proven digital marketing services. On request, we have been granted permission to provide some active local client contact details whom you can confirm with our positive workflows and proven SEO strategies.