How Can CEOs Make Their Brand Famous Using Social Media

These days it's vital for a company to have a social media presence. That's a must. It's surprising enough, that, often it is the CEOs who are still hesitant to jump on the bandwagon. As per the recent study performed by Domo and, 61% of Fortune 500 CEOs are not active on any of the main social networking platforms. Even though, if they have an account it is being observed that it was not active. For instance, "50% of all CEOs tweet twice a month or less, and those using the platform o an average post one tweet every five days, as compared."

However, it's been observed that CEOs, mainly the younger generation, are active on social media. But, that’s not tactically made use of. It could be useful if CEOs' were aware of the diverse ways that they could contribute in social media better.

Here are 10 tips for CEOs to gain supremacy through social platforms.

  1. Create brand awareness and sensation

CEOs can make use of social media to kindle sensation and spread awareness about their brand in the market.

Did you know the CEO of Twitter and Square both Mr. Jack Dorsey, utilizes the company that he co-established to achieve this by retweeting stories that talk about his companies, shares the latest news and gets customers keyed up. For instance, he with pride tweeted that those who attended Coachella 2016 can use their Apple or Android device to make purchases as each vendor at the event would be welcoming Square. By doing this he has been able to bring in a myriad of new users to his products and services. In an aggressive payments industry, this gave him a little bit of a competitive advantage.

  1. Show your selfdom

If you wish those people to relate to your brand then you do not have to do much than effectively providing a face of your company.

Mr. Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Mobile specializes in this technique by sharing special stories, intuitive career advice, and he also likes showing how he enjoys life on his social media accounts, and we too reply to him taking a quick look at his life.

  1. Embody Thought Leadership

When Hootsuite figured out the world's top 100 CEOs on social media, one general thread was that these CEOs proffered useful content.

As Hootsuite states;"Corroborating yourself as a thought ruler, who people love following, start on by sharing quality-driven and helpful content. This can comprise industry insights, leadership guidelines, and recommendations, interpretation on trends and news, video questions & answers with followers and a lot more.

With your social as well as content teams, you can strategize and share this sort of content on a regular basis via your social networks."

  1. Express gratitude to your employees and customers

Showing gratitude to both your personnel and clients is inevitable for leaders. Besides appreciating them at a personal level is always suggested and sometimes it's difficult to thank one and all. Social media gives an opportunity for CEOs to express thanks to the people who have supported them in making their company achieve success.

CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook does this extremely well. If you are his follower on Twitter you will see that he has a lot of tweets and pictures appreciating employees and customers of Apple for their long-term support. As a CEO, it's really great to do such generous act.

  1. Extinguish the fire of catastrophes

As a CEO, you are sworn to take initiatives in a couple of disasters pressing on. Social media serves as the best channel to deal with and handle a crisis for any CEO.

For instance, when the AirAsia plane got crashed on 28th December 2014, CEO Mr. Tony Fernandes kept his Twitter followers updated about the recovery efforts, and articulated the company's concern for the victims.

  1. Learn From Other Leaders

Powerful leaders are continuously looking for ways to develop their knowledge of how best to build their companies, their people, and themselves - which they can communicate with others. Reaching out other thought leaders on social media is the easiest means to discover something new.

adword has aforementioned that he observes what other people are doing, what they think is attention-grabbing. In this manner, he is learning from other people. He can do all types of searches on Twitter and say if there is any global health product available or is there any education reform work carried out there.

  1. Engage With Journalists

As already talked about, social media is a far-fetched broadcasting tool that offers CEOs the opportunity to connect and interest their clients, stakeholders, and employees. It can also be used to engage with the media persons.

Did you know that Tesla's Elon Musk not only shares the newest company updates on social media for the publicists to report but he also tweets media kits and has eye-to-eye chat with them?

  1. Share your ethical values

The most successful CEOs are acknowledged for their bigheartedness. Social media offers them a platform to share their principles and create brand recognition.

Arianna Huffington revealed to Co.exist in the year 2012 that when it comes to supporting causes, social media can be the most valuable tool for sharing the sense of duty for causes." Huffington added that the Greek protests in the year 2011 were inflamed by social media." She also further said that social media can be used for escaping from dull life, or else for creating connection and significance.

  1. Be easily accessible

Have you ever thought that how many times can a customer reach out and interact with a CEO? Before the existence of social media, that was a very rare incidence.

CEO Yang Yuanqing of Lenovo is not only a LinkedIn influencer, but he habitually interacts directly with the public so that his company and its clients can gain knowledge from each other.

  1. Hire new talent

The founder and CEO of Smart Recruiters Mr. Jerome Ternynck have said: "hiring is social." He further elaborated that the CEOs that understand that talent is a competitive edge and they use social media to lure.

Social media is a great platform to leverage by constantly connecting and maintaining with everyone that he meets. And, that has the great facility, whether it's the right time to hire them or not. Remember, networking is crucial. Eventually, the total network linking his employees represents several million people in his business sector. The probability of hiring someone out of our social network is too low."

The final say

Do you still think that you don't have enough time for being active on social media? If you don’t have time, look for a leading social media marketing company to support you augment your social presence positively and productively.

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