To be successful in PPC campaigning, you need to stay updated about the market trends. Your success, or the failure, in paid campaign depends on this. You need to know about algorithm updates, the impact of social media sites and the changes which are favouring mobile commerce. A report from PEW shows that 83% of adult mobile phone owners use their phones to go online.

A lot many things changed in 2015 and it is not easy to keep a track of all of them. Thus, we decided to bring all the major changes of the year in PPC at one place for your easy takeaway. After all, as the leading PPC agency, we are expected to educate people about the happenings of our industry.

Simplicity has come up as one of the biggest changes. Days are running out fast for big, flashing and bulky banners as more people are using mobile devices to go online. PPC messages are coming with crisper call to action buttons, direct messages and are leading to a simpler and clearer landing page.

Social media PPC has come a long way in 2015. Facebook and others have given us the chance to take our services and products to the masses like never before. You can easily promote a tweet now or boost a post on FB. A paid social media campaign, which was a bonus activity till now, has become an integral part of any paid digital campaign.

The third big change has been mobile. With over one third traffic being mobile, one out of every three people are viewing your ad in a mobile device. Thus, mobile optimised ads and landing pages are gaining increasing importance and getting better visibility. In 2016, this trend is expected to continue and mobile traffic is about to be equal to desktop traffic.

In short, in 2015, the PPC campaign trends take us to a more mobile-friendly and social oriented approach.