Ignore Website Update At Your Own Peril

As there is a new trend every day in web design and development, it is very important to update the website is such an understatement. It is almost impossible to survive in this cut-throat competition without updating the website. What was a great practice 3 years ago might just be archaic or laughable today. The interface, user interface that is, is evolving a lot. How do you counter that? You should hire a website updates Essex agency and who better at it than us. We have the right expertise, team and environment to make your look and function according to the digital age.

Let's take a small example. Even 5 years ago, websites used to come up weirdly on mobile devices. To combat that, we used to host a mobile version of the website using an m.example.com URL format. How odd would it look today if we do that! Because now we have responsive design, a designing formula which renders any website perfectly for any mobile device. Are you still not having a responsive website? You are missing out and probably losing clients!

This is just one example but there are so many different things where you can improve! Do you provide social log in to your users? Study has shown that 68% people would log in if you offer social login over traditional login. Can you ignore such a huge chuck of users? If no, then you need urgent website update!

There are so many other examples but the best way to know what you lack is to contact us. We will do a thorough evaluation of your site and let you know where exactly you can upgrade

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