The importance for Informative Content

The Google algorithm Panda simply states "Content is King". Our professional SEO services therefore encourage a website to contain plenty of informative unique content, and which is most certainly not duplicate.Search Engines want to provide its clients with the latest, most relevant content for their search so therefore if we want our websites to rank highly must show search engines we have the newest and best content. It should be noted that content does not only include web page text content. We therefore encourage further forms of content including Videos, Pictures, Infographics, animated GIFs, Ebooks, Guides, Brochures, White Papers.
We also encourage the creation and use of on site blogs to easily increase content for relative subject areas within the clients website advising posting to the blog on a weekly basis. We offer integrated on site Blog build services and also specialised SEO copywriting packages for clients at additional costings then as part of our strategy our SEO Specialists will analyse and optimise all blog content accordingly. Off site blogs are also setup as part of our SEO strategy with postings made to these and to external topic related Guest Blogs on a regular basis according to SEO package. To combine a high, relative content strategy with a quality web design can prove difficult as when a user is confronted with pages of text they will most likely leave the website. We therefore use the latest web design and development techniques to hold masses of content and display in ways to still interactively engage the users keeping the interest.

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