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Website traffic from mobile devices is now officially greater than traditional desktop internet browsing yet many businesses do not have a website optimised for the mobile market!? “How do I even tap on this bloody website! Nothing seems to be where it should be!” If this is not what you want your website visitors to mutter, then there is no other solution than to go with responsive web design. h1SKS provides the latest responsive techniques for websites designs on all verticals. No need to manually design multiple versions of your website or combine with mobile applications with obvious uneconomical costs. Our one simple solution will allow your site to be a perfect fit for all. Let us help you succeed in today’s online mobile browsing world, which will not only act as a positive SEO Google ranking factor but will significantly increase enquiries through mobile friendly browsing. Less resource, less maintenance, more traffic, more business… simply peace of mind.

Our locally based team of website designers are serious about responsive design essex!



No matter whether the user is viewing your website from PC, laptop, tablet or smartphones, always the best usability. Irrespective of the screen dimensions, the elements of the webpage will realign for the best viewing and interaction.

Search Engine Optimisation.

With greater importance each year, Google says they prefer websites which are mobile friendly and will rank them higher on mobile searches. What can be more mobile friendly than a responsive website, designed by h1SKS! With our perfectly mobile-optimised websites, hit the top of the search result page easily.

Media Display.

Not only does a responsive design realign the elements but it also resizes them. If there is a sliding text banner or an embedded video, there is a good chance of it not fitting the user device in traditional websites. With responsive web development from H1SKS, this is never an issue!

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