Always ensure SEO Website Design and Architecture

A user is more inclined to use the services of a website that looks crisp, clean, stylish, up to date, relevant and easy to navigate. This consideration of web design to a user is of-course very important but search engines must too be considered during the web design phase otherwise no one will find the website to visit and use. Firstly Search Engines are looking for design individuality so web designs that have been copied will simply result in penalties. Our bespoke SEO service design strategy includes unique designs that always ensure the Logo, most important content and main navigation points are included above the webpage fold with navigation links always included in the header and footer. We then ensure Horizontal scrolling is avoided at all cost and our designs always cater all for all viewing devices types and manufacturers including desktop, mobile, Apple, Android encouraging Responsive Website Design techniques are applied to all our websites. At h1SKS, we even consider that search engines cannot read text which is embedded as an image, so text linking using attractive fonts is always preferred and applied. Our SEO Website designers always design a website on flat site architecture only so as to be optimised so that both visitors and search engines can easily find their way around a website. Our architecture then includes keyword orientation so as to rank under several different keyword phrases.

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