Ideas on Social Media Integration and Linking

Google has stated that social signals are not used within Google algorithms, which makes sense as they are separate companies so do not have detailed analysis for the social account data. There is an exception to this rule... although it is not openly admitted by Google themselves. The exception being Google+ and so our SEO guru's therefore look to perform some specialised strategies within this network.
Google does however now rank social accounts within their organic search listings. Also, in todays online social world, Social Bookmarking, Social Media Likes, Shares and Tweets are an essential strategy for brand awareness and to give your company that more human feel. To simply ignore the wealth of potential traffic these Social channels could bring would be crazy.
It should be noted that not all Social circles are relevant for all business types so again as part of the SEO service strategy we will only choose the most appropriate additional Social Accounts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest and Instagram.
We then provide a SEO service strategy involving on site linking and integration to all introduced Social Platforms which consequently help with keyword placement, active content and speed up Google caching.
The h1SKS SEO Agency in Essex offer Full Social Media Marketing as a separate advanced package involving full social account management and in depth optimisation.

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