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Social media marketing involves the process of gaining branded website traffic or attention through free social media platforms. In todays online world, to not take advantage of the user wealth these platforms provide could mean great potential loss to sales and revenue for an individual or business. Organic traffic within social channels has become much more difficult however it still must be considered as part of a full digital marketing strategy combined with SEO and PPC.

h1SKS understand the requirement for Social Media Management packages for clients wishing to maximise these avenues but do not have the time or knowledge to do so. We have created optimal Social Management packages which allow the creation and optimisation of the major social media platforms so as to increase awareness of branding and drive traffic from these platforms to the main website to both increase potential sales.

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THE Social sharing site that has 1 Billion active users worldwide with users sharing 2.5 billion pieces of content every day! This platform certainly brings the largest opportunities allowing for communication with users in a non obtrusive way. h1SKS will setup your Facebook page with a bespoke cover photo, create posts and bring targeted Likes each month.


A micro blogging social site that limits each post to 140 characters with 560 million active users predominately based in the US but slowly spreading tweeting 5,700 tweets every second! h1SKS will setup your Twitter page with a bespoke background design, create posts and bring targeted Followers each month.


The social network built by Google that allows brands and users build circles. With 400 million active users and growing rapidly with 925,000 new users every day, Google+ does not have as many active brands but the ones that are tend to be a good fit with a great following. h1SKS will setup your Google Business page with a bespoke cover photo, create posts and build your circles each month.


The Business oriented social networking site has 240 million active users with 79% of users 35 or older. Brands that are participating are corporate brands giving potential and current associates a place to network! h1SKS will setup your LinkedIn Business page with a bespoke cover photo, create posts and bring targeted invites each month.


The Social site that is all about discovery with a modest 70 million active users 70% being female. Pinterest brings largest opportunities in the niches Decor, Babies, Recipes, Weddings and Fashion! h1SKS will setup your Pinterest Account, source Pin Board Content and Create pin board updates each month.


Arguably more a vertical search engine than social media now being the 2nd largest search engine in the world, with over 30 million visitors per day uploading 100 hrs of content uploaded every minute. Owned by Google it also gains placement within Google search rankings! h1SKS will build and optimise your channel to increase YouTube traffic numbers.

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