Specialist Image Colour Correction Services to your rescue!

Colour is paramount and adjustment is crucial for realistic imagery. Images are often the key of any project, colour catches the eye and content holds the interest. If the images aren't right nothing is.
At h1SKS Graphic Design Essex Studios we know that understanding colour comes with years of experience and knowing that what looks good on screen doesn't always work on paper. That's why Colour Management is essential so the final printed product is as close to the original as possible, this can only be achieved by using hi resolution images and making sure they are balanced correctly, ensuring correct UCR or GCR to suit target printer and utilising the appropriate profiles.
Some images such as graphics or illustrations may be vibrant and out of Gamut for conventional print so they have to be treated accordingly and 'Special Colours' introduced. Life imagery is a specialty as skin-tones have to perfect. At h1SKS Graphic Design Essex Studios we know that every image is unique and should be approached as such, whether the grass is greener or the skies bluer, the colour has to be right every time.

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