How to consider Targeted Keywords and Keyword Phrases?

Keyword Research Analysis is the basis for every SEO service campaign as by understanding which queries potential clients will be using to find a service determines how we will optimise the website landing pages for maximised ROI. Our SEO agency performs detailed targeted keyword research using Google Keywords Planner searching for phrases based around your business and service areas then making our recommendations according to the client SEO marketing budget, requested number of keywords and keyword traffic numbers. Our recommendation list includes long and short tailed keyword phrases with varied keyword competition level so as to maximise traffic and return a level of investment over the entire SEO campaign period. With Google’s increasing algorithm sophistication in the development of conceptual search, otherwise known as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), we also build our recommended keyword lists around concept ideas so as to reach further visitors. As part of our affordable SEO service, we embed the confirmed SEO keyword phrases within the the main website content and meta data fields to allow for search engines to discover what the website is about. The meta tag areas include URLs, Title (limited to 70 characters) and Description (limited to 150 characters) tags, Navigation, File/folder names, Header Tags (H1 H2 H3...), Alt tags for images, Bold and Bulleted Points, Internal and Footer Links. Note that it is no longer important to have a domain name that includes a keyword service and instead at h1SKS we encourage the development of branding to all our clients. It is important to note here that we use restrained and sensible use of keyword phrases within these fields to avoid spamming but also to keep readers interested with the content. Google guidelines recommend less than 2% of total content should be targeted keywords and also forbid hiding any keywords to increase the density. The result is that our SEO Agency in Essex gains traffic from not only our targeted keyword list but also from multiple other related keyword phrases.

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