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Looking for the best website design company Essex based? Look no further. Like any brick and mortar affair, how you look defines the first impression on the probable, possible and existing customers. Did you know that an average visitor spends less than 5 seconds on a webpage before deciding whether to stay. So as to ensure the greatest visual impact in this short space of time; from the onset you will need to ensure a clean, precise, stylish look for your core in online marketing. The result will mean converting any curious visitors into loyal customers.

Considering this; you should not be trusting this important core service to any amateurs to handle your important online presence. Everyone has a friend in the industry calling themselves a website developer, but more often than not they are a geek with some basic coding knowledge. Of course, without much planning, they will pretty quickly create a site for you. More often than not using a basic wizard tool like WIX which will only bring a wealth of ongoing digital marketing problems. But, your site will probably have lots of information, photos, and contact details. Great, you may think! But is this enough to turn your site visitors into customers? The answer is most certainly no.

Ultimately it is the look and performance of your site that will keep your customers coming back and so retaining their business. Our leading web design agency Essex ensures the durability of your online presence through a well established 7 phase project workflow process. We at h1SKS have the most dedicated team of professionals who will sit with you from the start.

From our initial questionnaire we will be information gathering and identifying things like the project purpose, goals and target audience. We provide a wealth of ideas to ensure our customers are offered the best choices available to plan their project. Our plan will include a definition of the site map, structure and a detail of the technologies that we are about to use. Our team are not only highly skilled but also have many years of experience across a multitude of platforms. Not only do we focus on wireframe models and the visual style but also on the usability of the user interface for the best possible user experience.

One of the most important aspects of the site development is obviously the coding. We develop using the HyperText Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets with some help from databases and other technologies like WordPress as well. If there is any fault in the coding your site may not be displaying properly and even not function at all. This poor performance may cause the site to run very slowly and your potential customers will undoubtedly close your site moving to a competitor. The h1SKS team consists of only the best and fully trained professionals who can resolve any coding issues that could arise. We always test all the technical features, like code and scripts, compatibility with major browsers, and most importantly ensure the website fulfils its purpose. Finally after the project is launched we always monitor what’s happening after the start, enabling us to fix any possible deficiencies. Our work does not end once the project has gone LIVE.

If any urgent requirements are required we can then provide immediate support to the site. We also continue with ongoing dedicated services throughout the websites lifespan offering timely maintenance services on a regular basis to allow you peace of mind.

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Project Workflow.

This is a very complex process, but we believe all these steps are essential for high quality websites.
1.Analysis – 2.Planning – 3.Design – 4.Content – 5.Development – 6.Testing – 7.Deployment


Our projects are created individually as to our clients exact specifications. We do not copy the same theme layouts time after time with simple colour modifications for next clients like some other companies!


One aspect overlooked by many developers, is the site load speed which is evermore important at a time when the world is accessing the internet on mobile devices with sometimes poor connections.


As more people are choosing mobile devices as their sole browsing device and now desktop browsing has officially being over taken by mobile, we ensure our online portals are optimally developed for every viewing device.

SEO Friendly.

Digital internet marketing is now an integral service which is why our developers build our projects with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind under Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Local Support.

We offer advice and support throughout each and every stage of a client project bringing 100% reliability and unrivalled local customer care and guidance. After launch we continue to monitor the site offering ongoing maintenance packages.

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