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There are countless options available these days for anyone looking to create their own business website (well, we could count them, but there are a lot!) and they all come with their own fair share of pros and cons.

All of them are fully capable of getting content published online in a variety of formats, but for some, the limitations that begin to pop up after being up for a while can prove to be debilitating. And that’s where we come in.

Our team of Essex web design specialists understands the processes that go into designing and developing a user friendly website that will withstand the test of time and can create lasting solutions for scenarios of all kinds. After all, it’s not just about finding a host, a theme, and some pretty pictures, contrary to popular belief.

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No matter what you need to accomplish with your new website, whether it be selling a product or service, getting news out to the public, or creating a public face for a land-based business, there is a perfect solution to get that job done.

In fact, solutions are generally made up of several different products and services that come together to create one solution. It goes without saying that getting the best web designer Essex has to offer will certainly make the work of creating your site an enjoyable ride.

Project Workflow.

This is a very complex process, but we believe all these steps are essential for high quality websites.

  1. Analysis
  2. Planning
  3. Design
  4. Content
  5. Development
  6. Testing
  7. Deployment

Bespoke Design Website.

Our projects are created individually as to our clients exact specifications. We do not use templates and we do not copy the same theme layouts time after time with simple colour modifications for a next client. We offer this high level service at the same price as other agencies provide with a template.


One aspect overlooked by many developers, is the site load speed which is evermore important at a time when the world is accessing the internet on mobile devices with sometimes poor connections.


As more people are choosing mobile devices as their sole browsing device and now desktop browsing has officially being over taken by mobile, we ensure our online portals are optimally developed for every viewing device.

SEO Friendly.

Digital internet marketing is now an integral service which is why our developers build our projects with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind under Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Local Support.

We offer advice and support throughout each and every stage of a client project bringing 100% reliability and unrivalled local customer care and guidance. After launch we continue to monitor the site offering ongoing maintenance packages.

Looking for a web design agency Essex based? Our locally based team are serious about website design Essex!


Guidance on website building services (Platforms)

Before we get into what our experienced web design team can do for you, let’s talk about the fact that it is, in fact, possible to build and publish a website without hiring a team of professional web design specialists.

Anyone can, for example, easily sign up to a service like Wix or WordPress, decide on a template that suits what they are trying to do, and then publish their page once they are finished with their own design work and content uploads.

For the most part, these services provide good options and tools for most users. What’s the incentive then for getting professionals to take care of your web design in Essex? To put it simply, ‘good’ isn’t good enough for companies and individuals looking for long-term success.

Going with one of these services is a little bit like trying to build a second floor on a house without knowing what materials the first floor is made with. The features like mobile optimization, SEO, advertising, e-commerce, and many other important features are all there, but they are operating on autopilot.

If anything ever goes wrong with any of the site’s features in the backend, you’ll have no idea how to get it fixed or even that there is a problem to begin with.

Our team may very well suggest that you use one of these tools, but we will help you manage it and ensure that the platform that you choose meets your requirements.

Custom websites from scratch

Another option for web design solutions, and arguably a much better option, is to design a site from the ground up. A proper web design specialist can build a web site for you from scratch that meets every one of your requirements, as well as making sure that it is fast, efficient, responsive, and secure.

Going with this option is the pinnacle of web design and is the choice of the most successful companies in the world. Having full control of your site allows for unlimited expansion as well as the ability to optimise your content and servers as you see fit.

Are you looking for speed? Security? A healthy mix of both?

When you have a website built from scratch, a whole new world of options opens up to you.

Benefits of a well-designed website

The benefits of a well-designed website are many. Whether you go with a fully custom solution or a well-managed site built with a design platform, you’ll want to look out for features like mobile optimization, ADservices, e-commerce management, responsive designs, and much more.

Not only will a well-designed website come with all the necessary bell and whistles, but it’ll also be scalable, fast, secure and easy on the eyes. A professional appearance and tight backend must work together to keep your site competitive 24/7.

Get online in style

If you are looking for web design in Essex, your choices are simple. Let professionals build your site the right way, the first time so that you can focus on whatever it is that you do best. Web design is a complicated process and unless you have the time required to get yourself through the learning curve, a good web designer can make your life a lot easier.

We know that when searching the internet for “website designer near me” or “award winning” you will find many options; we are located in Essex close to the towns of Brentwood and Chelmsford and we consider we are one of the best website design companies in Essex and London. We are proud of the standard and diversity of our portfolio and success illustrated within our case studies. Please take a moment to view examples of our works.


Can you provide examples of websites that your company designed and that show the results they have provided for businesses?

We have built hundreds of websites so keeping an up to date portfolio is not always easy. Please do browse our online portfolio or   reach out to us for some latest examples. From here you will see our diversity of modern design with easy to use navigation and high speed performance. We also have case studies where the website was part of their full online marketing strategy from which its base allowed our clients to gain high ranking in Google boosting conversion rates and bringing traffic and leads.

Who will be working on my site?

Most “local” companies outsource the majority of their work… we have had many clients come to us with websites to which their original owner could not complete any updates; upon further investigation we could see in their coding which outsourcing companies had left their stamp. Our teams are based locally in the UK and you will be taken through your project by your own project manager.

How long will it take to complete my website?

Typically, an average turnaround time for a website design is 10-14 days but an estimation will be given in your proposal based on the scope of the work required. It is also heavily dependant on how quickly you provide feedback on designs and site content.

How much input will I have with my website design?

During your initial consultation, we will take you through a short questionnaire to understand the purpose of your new site and get a feel and style you want your business to portray together with asking if there are any websites you have seen and like. We will provide 3 initial home page concepts allowing for unlimited changes until a home page design is agreed. We then continue working  hand-in-hand with you through each of the site pages to ensure we are building the type of website you desire.

What do you need from me to get started?

We will need images, text and all other content you want on your site. If you don’t have images then you can purchase individual images directly from a stock photo website or we can purchase a discounted package on your behalf. It is important NOT to take images from other websites or face copyright issues.

Can you create a logo for my site?

Yes our in house graphic designers can provide a basic text logo inclusive with our website packages or we can provide full graphic and logo design services.

Do you develop search engine optimisation into websites?

Being a full digital marketing agency, we build websites which are SEO friendly. We understand what base a website should be developed so as to succeed with SEO services.

Will I own my website once it’s completed?

Yes. The domain name will be registered under your company name. This can be transferred out to you on request. We can also provide full site and CPANEL access for you to migrate your website away from our hosting if required.

Do you offer on-going maintenance after my site goes live?

We provide ongoing maintenance services which include hosting and general core and security updates. You will also receive monthly reporting with statistics for traffic and work completed during that month. We also cover inclusive any errors on the site that appear during its lifespan on our hosting servers. If after you have approved acceptance and the website has gone LIVE, then you require design changes then this will not be covered only at an extra cost. Also if you require assistance work to update you website then again this will incur further charges.

Will I be provided full admin to the website and server cPanel?

No, this is not something we usually provide our clients.

Please kindly note allowing clients admin access can leave the site open to any possible accidental mistake made on the site which could then essentially break the site. Majority clients simply do not require this and ask us to continue with any dev work they require adhoc.

If you would like admin access then yes we can arrange this for you and we will continue our monthly maintenance package BUT please note that any problems with the site whilst you have admin access will result in quotation based work to resolve any problems that arise. We charge a minimum 1 hour assistance cost and we will resolve in that time if we can or advise how much longer is required thereafter. As a final resolve if we cannot see where the problem lies we will restore the site from backup with any work completed between backups lost.

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