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Whiteboard video production has boomed in popularity over recent times with customers pressed for time needing information fast. The introduction to cost effective whiteboard explainer video content and whiteboard animation video motion graphics to aid an online marketing marketing strategy and so bring increased visitors and sales. These online marketing tools have proven to be valuable techniques when there is a demanding need to introduce a product or service to the market easily.

With people remembering just 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see yet 70% of what they see and hear whiteboard explainer video are proving a success and trend over the traditional marketing methods. Even website design techniques has adapted from website slide banners, images and text, to using explainer animation so to decrease website bounce rates. The result keeping viewers entertained and interested within a websites content for longer to make that sale.

Video is the most effective channel for etching the message into the memory of your viewers. If you are planning to take your services or products to the masses so that they not only get to see but also understand and remember about your company, brand, product or services? H1SKS Web Studios can help you with professional animated video production, explainer video production and whiteboard animation video production services and take your message across the globe because we would promote those as well. We are also proficient in lucid and engaging whiteboard animation video production if you want to explain an idea or tell a story.

Our USP is our adaptability. From writing the script to the completed whiteboard animation video production, our creative process adopts tones and style for our clients need. We equally excel at creating fun and enjoyable animated explainer video production. To know more about our video style, check our previous corporate production portfolio for UK based companies.

We have been involved in hundreds of animated production projects for clients from all over the world. No doubt they are happy to vouch for us. We have the best available team of animation creators and editors who can create the clip just like you want. We have the voice-over artists covering multiple language options if required. Further more we have native, experienced and creative copywriters all with local business experience having previously worked on corporate creation in Essex. In short, after choosing us as your explainer video company, you can finally create the movie clip you visualised.

If you are planning to take your services or products to the masses, video is the most effective channel for etching the message into the memory of your viewers. They not only get to see but they will also understand more and no doubt remember your company, brand, product or services. h1SKS Web Studios can help you with all types of professional animated creation services. The end result will help you take your business brand message across the globe.

Think that working with an animation company will push you over your marketing budget? With h1SKS Web Studios, affordable corporate video creation in Essex is not a myth anymore. We will come up with the most impactful clips, well within your affordability.

Our locally based team of creators are serious about whiteboard explainer videos!


Quality Content

Simply put, company and product movie reels look cool. With a 2 minute movie clip containing as much information as 30 minutes of reading.

Website Conversation

Website pages with whiteboard animation video have an 80% better chance of converting a user into a customer and reducing a websites bounce rate.

Increased Sales

67% of buyers make a decision in favour to purchase a product or service after watching online explainer information clip according to comscore.com

Google Vertical Search Marketing

Remember Google owns YouTube and rank YouTube search results within their own!

YouTube Marketing

Increased traffic from YouTube the second largest search engine after Google.

Facebook Media Marketing

Facebook news feed has practically become a feed of shared movie clips. Websites with an explainer clip are actually shared five times more often!

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